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"We have been working with EMC and our mutual customers worldwide to ensure that our solutions meet their needs. I believe that they, and everyone else, will be delighted with the performance and scalability of what we have put together."

Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software
NTP Software Solutions
Storage Management
NTP Software QFS®
NTP Software Storage M&A®
NTP Software Storage Financials™
NTP Software Self-Service Storage®
NTP Software Storage Events and Alerts Manager™
NTP Software File Auditor™

Tiered Storage and Data Movement
NTP Software ODA™ for Symantec Enterprise Vault™
NTP Software Right-click Archiving™
Technology References
Finding the Risks and Opportunities in Your Storage
Understanding NTP Software ODA™
Six Easy Ways to Control Storage Growth

Tech Notes
Storage MA Health and Risk Indexes
Storage Policy Tips and Techniques
"Data, and the information derived from it, will continue to be a company’s most valued IT resource, The ability to effectively manage data, especially considering compliance and regulatory issues, is a requisite function for businesses of all sizes. The tight integration of NTP Software QFS® with EMC’s Celerra and other products delivers a compelling solution."

Steve Duplessie,
Founder and Sr. Analyst of Enterprise Strategy Group.